Current Bills Sponsored by Senator Mayne

House Bill: 27 – General Building Contractor Amendments 280 – Foreclosure Notice Provisions on Residential Rental Property Senate Bill: 24 – Research Tax Credit Amendments 32 – Breast Cancer Prevention Amendments 35 – New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act Amendments 81 – Para-Educator Funding 92 – Department of Commerce License Related Amendments 107 – Possession ofContinue reading “Current Bills Sponsored by Senator Mayne”

General Session 2011 – Senator Mayne’s Legislation

SB11S01 SB35S01 SB191 All three pieces are Landmark Legislation defining and regulating Owner/Employee status ( passed overwhelmingly in both House’s) SB69 Legislation that protected a small business in Taylorsville by removing unfair tax advantage from the State. ( passed) SB94S01 Requiring Constables to carry and display their badges and papers while on duty. This protectsContinue reading “General Session 2011 – Senator Mayne’s Legislation”