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Week 7 Update (Final Week)

It finally happened, the 2013 General Session is about over. The session has been long and tiring, but it has also been a very successful one. Starting in late January, I would have never thought that we would have arrived to the point that we are today, not just with my legislation, but also with...
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Week 6 Update

This past week has been very important because some of my largest bills have made their way to the House. I also saw other pieces of my legislation be passed in the House, meaning that they are now ready to be enrolled and signed by the governor. We have finished up our committee meetings for...
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Week 5 Update

The previous week was the busiest yet in the legislature, but it is only bound to get busier as we wrap things up. At least it is getting warmer. I saw another resolution that I sponsored, S.J.R. 8, be voted on by the House last week. It passed with a vote of 61 – 4,...
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Week 4 Update

After our extended weekend, the legislature was back into full swing once again. I had three bills that were passed through their respective committees a week ago that were heard again and voted on in the Senate. One of my larger bills, S.B. 44, which deals with the misclassification of workers, received unanimous support from...
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