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July 2014 Newsletter

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather! Biking, hiking, BBQ’s, the hot weather brings out the best in us. Oh, of course there is also golf, my favorite. Hitting that ball around is great fun, but they need to make the hole bigger, that would solve my score problems. Even during the summer months, our legislature...
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May 2014 Newsletter

Spring is here and summer is soon on its way. Seeing flowers in bloom makes everyone anxious for warm weather and outside activities–myself included. I love to play golf, so I have been hitting the balls around some in whatever free time I have. I don't keep score often, so there is no pressure when it’s...
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Let The Race Begin

It is my privilege to serve in the Utah State Senate representing my friends and neighbors on the West Side of Salt Lake County. My primary motive for the legislation I sponsor, the committees in which I sit, and the decisions I make is so that each of these things can have a positive influence...
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