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2014 Legislative Session: Week 7

The dust has settled and the session is over for 2014, but some issues where still left on the table. Medicaid coverage expansion and transit funding are just two of the important subjects that still need to be addressed. The Governor has sent a team to Washington to bargain with the Feds for funding cooperation...
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2014 Legislative Session: Week 5

Friends, This week there have been some important proposals regarding Medicaid and its future in Utah. The Governor has presented a proposal, the House has one, and the Senate also has their version. So, as you see, time will only tell which one bubbles to the top and receives the most support. Without taking the expansion,...
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2014 Legislative Session: Week 3

The third week has passed in this year’s session and we have been busy working away. We have seen many bills come to our committees for review and now we are going to start seeing House bills with different legislation. I sit on several committees this year where I have seen some large pieces of...
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