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June/July 2017 Newsletter: Interim

In our committees, we focused on appropriations and economic outlook for the upcoming year. Some Topics of Interest During our Meetings: 1. Electric Roadways: USU is testing a 20-passenger bus with autonomous control and in-motion inductive wireless battery charging.
  1. Budget Discussion for Snow Plow Drivers
  1. Fire Suppression on Federal Lands
  1. Budget Discussion on School Technology Programs
  1. Budget Discussion...
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2017 Session Newsletter: Week Three

My Bills This Week: Metro Township Amendments SB138: This bill lays out certain rules regarding the creation and implementation of townships. To learn more, attend my upcoming Town Hall meetings (details below). Utah First Economic Development Amendments SB164: This bill directs the Governor's Office of Economic Development to promote and encourage the employment of Utah workers, the...
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