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  1. Karen, I read your latest newsletter. mostly good things. I am concerned however with the ongoing federal “handout”. I call it that because of the previous federal “assistance” in the form of stimulus checks. I took all three, not because I needed them, but because I will be paying for them for the rest of my life, as will my children, grandchildren, etc. God forbid we have another tragedy like this one. among my immediate and extended circle, I do not know anyone who truly needed those payments. if we are to continue accepting these monies, could we at least ensure that they go to help people who need and deserve it? my suggestion would be law enforcement, and education. those two sectors are terribly underpaid and under-supported. I am sure there are others, but those come to mind right now.
    I do not own a computer, so will not be able to attend your town hall meeting. is there a way I can see the results?

    sorry to be a continuous bother
    thanks for your time

    richard sawdey

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