Buy American

I am proud to support “The Resolution to Buy American,” which encourages local governments to buy local and United States products whenever and wherever possible. If we are going to revive America’s economy, then we must invest the money from the Federal stimulus package to retain existing jobs, and maximize the creation of new jobs for the American people. I believe that this economic stimulus money should go back to employing the very people who provided it in the first place – America’s taxpayers. Furthermore, buying American will help restore economic stability in our local communities, and will directly help America’s families.

I have presented this resolution to City Councils, and Townships, and they overwhelmingly support our goals, because we all share a common interest in keeping America working. From the construction of towering skyscrapers and the network of America’s highways, to the engineering of the world’s smallest computer chips, America’s greatness has always depended on creating new jobs that utilize our different talents. Just as Americans persevered through economic hardship in the past, we must do so again now in the present by buying local and American made goods.

In this time of a troubled economy, we all need to pull together to keep our friends and neighbors working. We can achieve this by using American products and hiring locally, and in the end we will refocus and create a better future.

Legal Sized Resolution: LegalSizedResolution_02_17_2009.pdf