Salt Lake Community College

I am honored that Salt Lake Community College recently presented me with an award as a 2009 Legislative Champion.  However, I am even more grateful to have Salt Lake Community College as a part of my District 5.  With their commitment to changing people’s lives through education, and their dedication to serving Utah as the largest two-year community college in the state, Salt Lake Community College is undoubtedly the jewel of my senate district.

Salt Lake Community College and I share a common interest in helping to prepare the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow.  I have had the opportunity to work with Salt Lake Community College on apprenticeship programs.  We worked together to help promote Helmets to Hardhats, a program that introduces military veterans to promising trade apprenticeship opportunities.  Whether it is helping military veterans in finding jobs and adjusting to civilian life, or simply helping to educate the next generation of Utah’s students, I hope to continue working with Salt Lake Community College in helping students get the training they need to succeed in our competitive world.  It is my honor and responsibility to nurture and support Salt Lake Community College.