Helping My Neighbors

Through the years, it has been my honor to donate to my community. The requests have come from football leagues, soccer teams, scholarships, charities, and many other worthy projects. I financially support my West Side neighbors in building a better place to live. But this year is different… the need is greater for our families on the West Side. The economy has taken a hit and unemployment is high in our state. The requests for financial aid and food pantry services are 50% more this year in my Senate District. I needed to act. I attended the Kearns Town Council, Taylorsville City Council and West Valley City Council meetings, and donated $500.00 to each. The money will be used for their food pantry and helping people with needs in their communities. I’m happy to say, I have partnered with Smith’s Food Stores and Gines Auto Service and they have stepped up with their generous support of our food banks. I will continue to support my community in their good works, but this year we need to help our friends and neighbors though this rocky time.