The 2011 Session

The 2011 Session has just ended! Here is a quick summary of my time on the Hill. I was able to successfully sponsor and co-sponsor seventeen pieces of legislation. I passed three bills that protect Utah workers and businesses that follow the rules. These are my “Commerce with Conscience” bills:

SB 35, Construction Licensees Related Amendments, is landmark legislation that redefines membership criteria for LLCs in the construction industry, preserving the traditional employer/employee relationship, ensuring proper payment of payroll taxes and protection of workers through work comp, unemployment insurance and proper withholding.

SB 11, Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement, greatly increases efficiencies between the Labor Commission, Department of Commerce, Department of Workforce Services and the State Tax Commission in sharing vital information to ensure protection for workers and compliance for businesses.

SB 191, Workers’ Compensation Coverage Waivers, moves the responsibility to issue work comp waivers from the Workers’ Compensation Fund to the Labor Commission, reducing fraud and confusion and allowing for greater accountability.

Other labor-related bills I co-sponsored include:

HB 188, Labor Commission Related Amendments (Rep. Morley), allows the Labor Commission to take advantage of electronic technology to send and receive documents, saving time, paper and postage.

HB 209, Workers’ Compensation Premium Assessment (Rep. Morley), ensures adequate funding for the Employers’ Reinsurance Fund so it can continue to meet its obligations to employers and injured workers.

Safety-Related Bills

HB 168, Child Identity Theft Protection (Rep. Hutchings), is landmark legislation that allows parents and guardians to protect their children’s social security numbers to reduce the risk of identity theft.

SB 94, Uniform Requirements for Constables, now requires that constables wear identification badges to give the public knowledge and notice of who they are, increasing public security.

HB 314, Insurance Requirements for Child Care Buses (Rep. Anderson), encourages the child care industry to use school buses by reducing the amount of insurance liability coverage required to a more reasonable level.

Education-Related Bills

SB 69, Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Textbooks for Higher Education, gives private sellers of textbooks for higher education the same tax exempt status as college bookstores, leveling the playing field for these small businesses.

SB 235, Charter School Students’ Participation in Extracurricular Activities, allows students attending charter schools to choose to participate in extracurricular activities either at their charter school, at the public school on whose campus their charter school is located, or at their boundary school, allowing greater ability for participation for these students.

Resolutions and Acknowledgements

Senate Concurrent Resolution 12, Wear Red Month, designates February as “Wear Red Month” in cooperation with the American Heart Association, and urges all citizens to show their support for women and the fight against heart disease as well as heightens awareness of heart-healthy lifestyles and the signs and symptoms of heart attack in women.

Senate Joint Resolution 3, Adult Immunization Awareness Month, brings awareness to the importance of adult immunizations such as flu and pneumonia shots and other vaccines that improve adult health and decrease human suffering and costs related to disability, lost wages and health care.

Alternative Careers and Skills for Women Acknowledgement promotes awareness of non-traditional and well-paying jobs for women in the trades and construction industries as a means to acheive financial stability, security and independence.

Technical Change Bills

HB 208, Administrative Services Amendments (Rep. Harper), allows the State Archives Fund to accept private monies and gifts, as many other state departments can, and makes some necessary technical updates to the Department of Administrative Services.

HB 169, Firearm Laws Modifications (Rep. Seelig), makes needed technical changes only.

Thank you for your support!