General Session 2011 – Senator Mayne’s Legislation

  • SB11S01
  • SB35S01
  • SB191 All three pieces are Landmark Legislation defining and regulating Owner/Employee status ( passed overwhelmingly in both House’s)
  • SB69 Legislation that protected a small business in Taylorsville by removing unfair tax advantage from the State. ( passed)
  • SB94S01 Requiring Constables to carry and display their badges and papers while on duty. This protects the public from unauthorized people. (passed)
  • SB23501 Allowing Charter School Children to participate in activities at Public Schools; such as athletics, dance and the arts. (passed)
  • SBSCR12 Making Women Aware of the dangers of Heart disease and promoting good Heart Health. (passed)
  • SJ3S01 Promoting Adult Immunization (passed)
  • SJR15 Resolution encouraging and supporting non-traditional occupations for women. (passed)

Floor Sponsored Bills from the House of Representatives

  • HB168 Child Identity Theft Protection (passed)
  • HB169S1 Firearm Laws Modifications (passed)
  • HB209 Labor Commission Amendments (passed)
  • HB221 Car Inspections (passed)
  • HB314 Insurance Requirements for Child Care Buses (passed)