2012 General Legislative Session – In review

Today was the final day of the 2012 General Legislative Session. The Legislature was able to pass many bills and there was a lot of good discussion. I was able to pass 8 bills dealing with a variety of topics. I appreciate all of the emails, phone calls, and other involvement I have received from each of you; your participation is essential in this process. I look forward to continue representing you and encourage continued communication. Thank you for all of the support!!

Best regards,
Senator Karen Mayne

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Senator Maynes Sponsored Bills:

  • 32 – Breast Cancer Prevention Amendments
    Health Care Professionals are now encouraged to inform women of the breast density. After a mammogram is administered the radiologist sends a letter to the patient informing them the results of the cancer screening;, now, with S.B. 32, the patient will be informed of her dense tissue also. I am very pleased it has passed and thank all those who stood in support of the bill.
  • 35 – New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act Amendments
    RV consumers have a new protection bill. This legislation will give the RV purchaser a road map procedure to remedy a dispute. If dealer is unable to fix problem with RV pertaining to wall, sub-floor, or roof after four requests, owner can then request mediation and manufacturers get involved. If mediation is unsuccessful owner can then turn to lawyer or other chosen outlet.
  • 81 – Para-Educator Funding
    This bill will help improve many schools by allotting money solely to be used for placing para-educators in Title one schools. These highly qualified and trained para-educators will assist reading programs. The overall goal of this bill being to lift failing schools.
  • 92 – Department of Commerce License Related Amendments
    This bill modified provisions related to occupational and professional licensing by the Department of Commerce. Bill clarifies and updates codes.
  • 121 – Workers’ Compensation Waiver Amendments
    This bill makes amendments pertaining to issuing waivers to opt out of the Workers Compensations Fund.
  • 169 – Judicial Conduct Commission Amendments
    This bill allows the Utah Supreme Court discretion in appointing judges to the Judicial Conduct Commission. It also further clarifies who the Conduct Commission consists of, terms, and logistics pertaining to appointings.
  • 195 – Transportation Safety Revisions
    This bill addresses safety pertaining to railroads, specifically crossing areas. More awareness by those driving or walking near crossing guards will lead to improved safety and health in the community.

Senate Concurrent Resolution:

  • 4 – Concurrent Resolution on Breast Cancer Screening
    This resolution is supplementary to SB 32 and recognizes the importance of women to receive regular breast cancer screenings. In resolution 4 women over the age of 40 are urged to receive an annual mammogram, at minimum. The resolution also recognizes the importance of public programs that provide breast cancer screening to uninsured women who cannot afford to be screened.

Please also view the Final Survey Results.

I was fortunate enough to be recognized by a few different entities during the session, such as The Utah Fire Caucus (pictured) and the Miss Kearns association. Each of these recognitions is truly an honor; it is a pleasure to work with so many great people.