Jim Judd

Remembering back 5 years, when the torch of leadership was passed to Jim Judd to represent the working men and women of Utah. My friendship of many years with Jim was made a partnership with that transition. Our shared love for the betterment of working families and dignity of their work was our common thread. With his Garcia Ties and up-to-date tech toys, he graced the halls of our Labor Center and the halls of Government. Steady and Charming… Smiling and Confident… Always telling me, Lead the way Senator, I’m there. I don’t reflect often to the past, but I find comfort in the “snap shots” of memory with Jim. The AFL-CIO has been blessed to have many able leaders and Jim Judd was a leader.

With open palm, I embrace our new President Dale Cox and his supporting leadership. He will steady the boat and put the oar into the water and guide our movement to safe harbor. The Trade Movement moves with no one person or thought, we are a collective. With heavy hearts, we look to the dawn.