Week 5 Update

The previous week was the busiest yet in the legislature, but it is only bound to get busier as we wrap things up. At least it is getting warmer. I saw another resolution that I sponsored, S.J.R. 8, be voted on by the House last week. It passed with a vote of 61 – 4, meaning that it will be enrolled and signed by the governor. This resolution encourages the Utah Driver License Division to emphasize on their driving tests to include more questions regarding safety around railroad crossings and mass transit. This resolution also encourages drivers to be courteous on the road, something that I am trying to include in creating a “culture of safety” in Utah.

To promote this resolution and other safety related legislation from this session, I held a press conference on Thursday.  It was well attended, with remarks given by representatives from multiple businesses and organizations here in Utah, such as Utah Transit Authority, the Workers Compensation Fund, Kennecott Utah Copper, Utah AFL – CIO, and the Utah Manufacturers Association. There is widespread support from the business community and labor organizations here in the state because of the growing importance of safety in and around the workplace. We live in a growing state, and as more residents and businesses locate here, we must do all that we can to make sure that make safety remains a priority. The press conference was a success and was covered by multiple news sources. Thank you for those that came out in support of these important pieces of legislation and for their commitment to creating a “culture of safety” here in Utah.

Last week was also an important week because on Friday, the House Business and Labor Committee heard my bill, S.B. 44, and unanimously gave it a favorable recommendation. This is an important step in fixing the loopholes that allow for certain LLC’s to list their employees as “partners.” By doing so, they are able to avoid providing insurance coverage, workers compensation, and other protections. This is an important step in eradicating this problem from Utah and protecting Utah’s workers. This bill is a follow up of some legislation that I passed two years ago and it has received a lot of support, but there has been push back from these companies that do not want to treat their workers fairly and play by the same rules that other companies have to play by.

It has been a week of successes and victories on the hill and we are only going to see more as the session comes to a close next week. Watch for my legislation and make sure to “like” me on Facebook, where you can stay updated on my legislation as well as other happenings at the capitol. Thank you for your support and input, it makes my job more enjoyable. As always, it is a pleasure to serve you.