May 2013 Newsletter

Since the end of the legislative session I have been able to work hard with members of my district and take part in various events in West Salt Lake Valley. In April I hosted a meeting with the state delegates in my district where we were able to get together, meet each other personally, and talk about issues that they were concerned with in their communities as well as at the state level. It was a well-attended meeting and we had a great discussion. I am especially thankful for my friends that came, including Councilmember Randy Horiuchi, Unified Police Chief Jim Winder, and District Attorney Sam Gill who were also able to answer questions. I enjoy every chance I get in meeting with members of my district.

Recently, I was at the Taste of Kearns at Kearns High School where I organized a booth to answer questions and meet members of that community. Kearns High School organized a great event and I was able to meet a lot of people from the surrounding neighborhoods as well as talk to leaders of local organizations. I was even able to meet with some students that I taught when they were in elementary school. In talking with these students and their parents, many questions about education came up and how we can improve it now and for future generations in the area. It was a great chance for me to speak and meet people from the diverse community of Kearns as well as to hear their concerns.

My intern, Keegan, and I ran a booth at the Taste of Kearns event where we were able to meet many of the great people in this community.
My intern, Keegan, and I ran a booth at the Taste of Kearns event where we were able to meet many of the great people in this community.

This past week I was also recognized by the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health to receive the award for “Excellence in Workplace Safety and Health.” I am honored and humbled to be recognized by this local institution. The Advisory Board is a combination of prominent business leaders, health experts and labor organizations. These prestigious women and men guide the jewel of the University of Utah’s Rocky Mountain Center. The goal of the board is to promote and study workplace safety, protect our environment, and make Utah a clean and safe place to live. They have done excellent work in helping make Utah a cleaner and safer place to live and work. I have been a proponent of workplace safety for many years and will continue to fight for safer workplaces and communities here in Utah.

Last week marked the beginning of the interim committees for the state legislature. We only meet full-time for 45 days at the beginning of the year where we can vote and pass bills, but during the rest of the year we meet intermittently to work on bills in our respective committees and prepare for the following legislative session. I am part of various committees during the interim, including the Business and Labor Committee, the Transportation Committee, the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee, and a few others. This is a great time when the public can come and comment as we prepare for 2014 so that we can hopefully make better legislation for you and the state of Utah.

I was also able to be present at the Chamber West event where we were able to honor the “Kearns Royalty” from Kearns Junior High School. These young ladies were intelligent, beautiful, and talented. I always appreciate the chance to work this program and meet such wonderful young people.

This Wednesday I will be holding a press conference about a one-stop guide for laid-off workers and the needs that they have. I have been working with Work Force Services, United Way, various labor organizations, Rio Tinto, and other community organizations to help create a better and more effective plan to help displaced employees. Next week I will also be with the Governor while he signs two pieces of my legislation, S.C.R. 2, which recognizes the role of the Workers Compensation Fund in promoting workplace safety, and S.C.R. 9, which designates a week in June as Workplace Safety Week. Helping protect workers and creating a culture of safety is a high priority for all of us.

I will always be fighting for my district as well as helping make Utah a better place for to live and work. Thank you for you support, and as always, if you have questions or concerns, you can contact me.