July 2013 Newsletter

As the summer continues on, I hope all of you have been able to stay cool. I have been very busy these past two months. At the end of May I was able to stand with different representatives from the Workers Compensation Fund, the Utah AFL-CIO, UDOT, UTA, AGC, the Labor Commission, and the Lieutenant Governor as we watched Governor Herbert sign into law two pieces of my legislation that will help make Utah a safer and better place to work and live. These pieces of legislation were soon highlighted during the last week in June, which became Utah’s first Workplace Safety Week. All across Utah, there was a reemphasis on workplace safety, the effects it has on the worker, a business, and the community as a whole. I was able to stand with Lieutenant Governor Bell as we kicked off the week to help focus on the importance of safety on the job, on the road, and in the workplace. You probably saw the reminders of this week on the highway signs as you drove on the freeways across the state. I hope this helps create a culture of safety in Utah as well as protects citizens across the state from preventable injuries.

Kick-Off Event for Workplace Safety Week
Kick-Off Event for Workplace Safety Week

On the last day of the week, I was able to help award scholarships, along with the Workers Compensation Fund, to three students from the Granite School District that wrote essays on workplace safety. It was a great week to commend those that help keep Utah workers safe as well as help refocus ourselves in maintaining the safety of those that help make this state great. I was proud to stand with these students, business representatives, and workers who have helped make this state a safer place to work and live.

I was also proud to help be part of the creation of a guide for displaced employees. Along with Workforce Services, United Way, various labor groups, Rio Tinto, and other community organizations, we were able to provide a better and more effective plan that would help displace employees seek assistance as well as explain the different resources that exist in our communities to help them get back to work. I am glad to see so much support for this guide and the community effort to help working families across Utah.

The past two months have afforded me the opportunity to meet many members of my district and in the community. A month ago I was in West Valley City’s West Fest Parade, which I love doing. I was also able to be part of the Taylorsville Dayzz parade and festival, where I was able to talk and meet with many of Taylorsville’s residents. It was a great time to see old friends in the my district as well as meet many new people and help them register to vote. Taylorsville and West Valley City are great communities and once again they put on great parades and festivals.

During most of the year, when we are not in session, legislators do not meet as often at the Capitol, but I have been able to stay busy working and preparing legislation for next year. We meet in interim committees where we refine legislation throughout the year so that as the legislative session starts, we are able to have bills ready. Next week on July 17th, we will be meeting at the capitol in our respective committees. The public is invited to these meetings and if you want to see how legislation is crafted, this would be a great opportunity.

Thank you all for your support and what you do for our community of ours. I am still fighting for you all and the working families all across Utah. It has been a busy summer for me, but it has also been an exciting one as I begin to see the implementation of the pieces of my legislation and the effects that it has in our communities. As always, please contact me if you have concerns or questions.