2014 Legislative Session: Week 2

The second week of session is finished and we have ended the budget committee meetings and are now moving into our standing committees. Tuesday morning I presented the Labor Commission Decision Amendments bill, or S.B. 127. This bill modifies the Utah Labor Code to address the time when decisions are final and can be enforced. Tuesday afternoon I presented my Workplace Safety Week Designation bill, or S.B. 106. This bill aims to designate the third full week of June as Workplace Safety Week.

I also presented the Voter Information Amendments bill, or S.B. 36. This bill amends provisions in the Election Code in relation to the disclosure, and the use, of the list of registered voters and their information. It aims to permit the use of registered voters list only for political, scholarly, journalistic, or governmental purposes. I will make it a Class B Misdemeanor for a person to use this list or information obtained from the list for commercial purposes, harassing any person, or reproduction.

Wednesday was a full day for me. I presented three bills in different committees. In the Business and Labor Committee I presented my legislation allowing an injured worker able to pay for his financial needs while his case is being appealed. In the Public Education Committee, I explained SB140 and SB98. One directs $ 50,000 for hiring more Paraeducators (a must in our community’s schools). The other piece of legislation will supplement the students’ costs of AP testing if they qualify.  All three passed committee hearings and are on the Senate board for passage.

This Friday afternoon I presented to the Higher Education Appropriation Committee a request for money for the Rocky Mountain Occupational and Health Center at the University of Utah. It’s a facility designed for research of pollution and environmental issues. It also studies injuries in the work place and supports companies for a healthy working environment.

I am looking forward to next week’s challenges. The House has several Clean Air Bills, which I welcome. The Senate has passed many technical bills to tighten and streamline government. As always, I am always looking for a better way for us to do the people’s business.


1.      Funding for new giant hotel in Salt Lake City

2.      Several new voting changes

3.      Legislation for veterans

4.      Regulations to encourage cleaner vehicle emissions

In Friendship,