2014 Legislative Session: Week 3

The third week has passed in this year’s session and we have been busy working away. We have seen many bills come to our committees for review and now we are going to start seeing House bills with different legislation. I sit on several committees this year where I have seen some large pieces of legislation come our way. The committees I am part of are the Transportation, Business and Labor, and the Workforce Service Committees. Some of the legislation that we have reviewed in my committees that have spurred spirited discussion includes:

  • Raising the speed limit to 80 miles per hour on select highways – Rep. Dunnigan
  • Raising the penalty for not wearing a seat belt – Senator Robles
  • Making game fowl fighting for sport a felony – Senator Davis
  • Renter rights – Senator Jones
  • Election Amendments (an alternative to count my vote) – Senator Bramble
  • STEM funding (Technology funding for Higher Education)

I also serve on two appropriation committees: Retirement And Independent Entities Committee and Infrastructure and General Government Committee. Each committee reviews the different agencies that fall under there supervision. I am happy to say many agencies have saved money and streamlined their individual departments. In Infrastructure and General Government Committee we funded several new building projects and allocated money to repair many others throughout the state. So far, I feel that our funding allocation has been fair and responsible, meeting the needs of the state and its citizens.

You can search and review all legislation by going to the Utah State Legislature’s Website.  It is easy to navigate and can guide you to whatever the interest or issue you have.  Many committees are streamed, so just tune in for the live action.  Agendas are also available online, which shows what legislation will be heard in each House or Senate Committees.  Placement of bills on the House or Senate Board is there also.

Where are Karen’s Bills:

  • Voter Information Amendments – 3rd Reading Senate
  • Workers Compensation Employee Misconduct – 2nd Reading Senate
  • Contractor Employee Amendments – 2nd Reading Senate
  • Veterans Registry – 2nd Reading Senate
  • Para Educator Funding and Advanced Placement Funding – House Calendar
  • Workplace Safety Week Designation – House Committee

*Incorporation Amendments will be coming to Rules Committee.  I am the sponsor and Rep Hutchings will carry it in the House.  This is important legislation that will change the way Townships are governed.  I will keep you informed on the process.

Legislation To Watch:

  • Funding for Mega Hotel in SLC to attract large conventions
  • Bills to change the Caucus System
  • Transportation funding
  • Funding of schools by losing some tax exemptions on State Income Taxes

Thank you for taking part in my District 5 survey. The response was beyond gigantic and we are still counting! I mailed the survey to 13,100 constituents and also offered an online survey. In my next newsletter I will post the results. Thank you again, I read all of the answers. It gives me so much information on your concerns and how we can improve our community.

In Friendship,