2014 Legislative Session: Week 4

Hello friends

Week four has been a busy and productive week. For starters, my “Voter Information Amendments Bill” passed out of the Senate to the House. This bill protects your voter information from individuals who misuse it. There has been discussion on issues as diverse as radon, autism, and clean air problems. These issues are being addressed in several pieces of legislation during this session and will be heard soon.

I have sponsored many events and conferences for women and it has been my pleasure to support the “Commission of Women in the Economy”. Women make up over 50% of the population in Utah and are the “Bread Winners” in many households. So, investing in the needs of women is essential. This Commission will function to formulate ways to promote women in occupational and financial areas across the state of Utah.

The surveys are still rolling in. Thank you.  The results have come from hundreds and hundreds of responses.  Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments! Here are the results so far:

Question 1: Do you believe the grades received by your area schools are a fair representation of your schools’ performance?

30% Support, 70% Oppose

Question 2: Do you support or oppose providing additional funding over and above what is necessary for the thousands of new students who will be entering our schools?

64% Support, 36% Oppose

Question 3: Would you support or oppose eliminating the exemptions for your children on your State of Utah income taxes if the additional revenue would be given to your local schools?

59% Support, 41% Oppose

Question 4: Would you support or oppose the legislation in Question 3 if the dependent exemptions on your state income taxes were limited to two children?

60% Support, 40% Oppose

Question 5: If the Utah State Legislature chooses to not act on either of the legislative ideas in Question 3 and 4, should the legislators put this educational funding option on the 2014 ballot as an opinion question for all voters to respond?

80% Support, 20% Oppose

Question 6: Do you support or oppose moving the prison from its current location and developing the 690-acre footprint of its current location?

21% Support, 79% Oppose

Question 7: Do you support or oppose privatization of Utah’s prison system?

22% Support, 78% Oppose

Question 8: Should the State of Utah legalize medicinal marijuana use?

51% Support, 49% Oppose

Question 9: Are you satisfied with the public safety service you receive?

73% Support, 27% Oppose

Question 10: Do you believe Chief Russo will be successful in changing the culture of the department?

77% Support, 23% Oppose

Question 11: Do you support or oppose stricter laws to enhance our privacy?

92% Support, 8% Oppose

Question 12: Legislation will be introduced during the 2014 legislative session to raise the legal age of purchasing cigarettes and other tobacco products from 19 to 21? Would you support or oppose this legislation?

60% Support, 40% Oppose

Question 13: Utah’s Uinta Basin is experiencing a boom in oil, oil shale, natural gas and other energy sources. Through the growth of these industries, hundreds of jobs can be created in Utah. Are current state regulations sufficient regarding the development of these resources?

44% Support, 56% Oppose

Question 14: Do you favor stricter regulations regarding energy development in our state?

54% Support, 46% Oppose

Question 15: Have the west side transportation needs been met?

37% Support, 63% Oppose

Question 16: Do you support or oppose an increase in the gas tax?

37% Support, 63% Oppose

Question 17: Would you support or oppose eliminating the state gasoline tax and replacing it with a new user fee charging us per mile that we drive?

44% Support, 56% Oppose

Bill Watch List:

SB 216 Municipal Formation Amendments (Important to our Kearns Community)

SB 54 Elections Amendments (Alternative to Count Your Vote) passed Senate yea 22 Nay 4

HB302 S01 Voting Records Amendments

HB 197 Daylight Savings Time Study (In my survey last year, I asked a question about changing Daylight Time the percentage was a 50/50 split)

In Friendship,