Let The Race Begin

It is my privilege to serve in the Utah State Senate representing my friends and neighbors on the West Side of Salt Lake County. My primary motive for the legislation I sponsor, the committees in which I sit, and the decisions I make is so that each of these things can have a positive influence on the lives of those I represent. I believe I have been successful in this endeavor.

I have been elected by my colleagues to serve in Senate leadership. This has afforded me the position to sit on the powerful Executive Appropriation Committee–the committee that puts the finishing touches to our state budget every year. Sitting on this committee has allowed me to secure funding for a connecting tunnel in Taylorsville and funding for Kearns to help build their Veterans Memorial. All fiscal requests have to be reviewed by this committee and I am pleased that I can be a West Side voice there. In addition to my regular Senate committees, I also serve on the Judicial Confirmation, Retirement, and Privatization Committees, as well as the Governor’s Economic Development Task Force. My legislative assignments have provided me with experience and a voice in several arenas to help benefit our community.

Like you, I have been disappointed by the increasing level of partisanship in Washington, and have been working so that does not happen here in our State Capital. To do this, I have been breaking down the walls of political partisanship, which has allowed me to sponsor and pass more than 40 pieces of legislation. This does not include the many House bills I have been asked to represent in the Senate. This illustrates the respect I have earned from my Senate and House colleagues as they have supported my legislation.

I have sponsored many pieces of legislation that protect workers’ rights and provide protection for good business practices. My legislation has supported education, provided veterans assistance, and focused on women’s health issues. This past legislative session, I sponsored and passed legislation providing protection for voters by making the Voter Registry more confidential, a giant step forward in safe guarding our privacy. My Senate Bill 216 will protect the boundaries of all townships in Salt Lake County, including Kearns, and will form a task force of residents to plan for the stability of services in the county. As, you can see I have worked hard as I have served with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for my constituents.

I am a homegrown West Side resident. I was raised in Kearns and lived my entire adult life in West Valley City. I know the West Side of Salt Lake County like the back of my hand. My roots in the neighborhood have given me a sense of home and community. Giving back to the place I love is a pleasure. I financially and physically support football, baseball, and soccer teams as well as helping the Girl and Boy Scout Troops in the area. I enjoy contributing to community functions and I support a scholarship at Hunter High School. My friends and neighbors have been so generous to me, and because of that, I want to give back by providing my services in the State Legislature.

I hope you will support my commitment to serve as your Senator again. I am eager to continue my work for Senate District 5 in representing the West Side. I ask for your support. May I place a sign on your lawn, do you want to walk with me campaigning in my district, or can you help me financially?  I represent thousands of people and it is costly for me to get my message out, so I ask you for your help in making our community and state better.

Thank you so much,


Karen Mayne
5044 Bannock Circle
West Valley City, Utah 84120
Email:  karenmayne@gmail.com
Home:  801-968-7756
Cell:  801-232-6648


Karen-Campaign Sign