July 2014 Newsletter

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather! Biking, hiking, BBQ’s, the hot weather brings out the best in us. Oh, of course there is also golf, my favorite. Hitting that ball around is great fun, but they need to make the hole bigger, that would solve my score problems.

Even during the summer months, our legislature and executive branch are as busy as ever. In my role as Senate Minority Whip, I have the honor to sit on the Executive Appropriations Committee. This powerful committee governs and directs the business of the legislature and the state’s financial needs. Currently, we are hearing the problems and solutions suggested for our growing transportation needs. There will be forthcoming legislation to fund transportation next year, but the question is, what solution will best fit our future needs? I will have an important voice in that conversation.

Voter Registry Protection

The Gold Room was filled with people to witness the Governor sign my authored Voter Registry Protection Bill. Senate Bill 36 protects the Voter Registration lists from individuals who use them for personal gain. During the session I had the great honor and responsibility of carrying this bill, which is so important to those in my district as well as the rest of the state. My colleagues tell me they received more calls and emails about this legislation, than any other bill this session. People are concerned about their privacy being protected. I want to thank Sherrie Swenson, Salt Lake County Clerk, for bringing this important issue to my attention.

Safety In The Work Place

In the 2014 legislative session I passed nine pieces of legislation, all important to our citizens. I also passed several “Safety in the Work Place” bills, reminders that safety matters. The first piece of legislation makes Utah Safety Week an annual event in June. Another important bill will penalize employees their workers compensation that use drugs or alcohol on the job and gets into an accident. We cannot tolerate people who work on the job that misuse drugs and alcohol. The month was full of events honoring safe businesses and rewarding safety minded employees. The Workers Compensation Fund handed out scholarships to students in our local schools who authored essays on a safe work place theme. In another event, the Capitol Rotunda rocked as 300 people were there in hard hats and orange jackets to celebrate safety. Rio Tinto, UTA, Granite Construction, AFL-CIO, building trades, Chevron, Chamber of Commerce, Century Link, WCF, UDOT, and AGC were only few of the businesses and organizations present. Thank you all!

Your Voice Matters

My survey is still online on my website. If you haven’t taken it please, go to my website. These questions are being discussed in Interim Session and at our local councils, so what’s your take?

  • Question 1: Do you support continuing Daylight Savings Time?
  • Question 2: Transportation will need additional funding of some sort next year. What’s your opinion of funding options?
  • Question 3: West Valley is expanding, Taylorsville is planning new community facilities, and Kearns is excited about the growth at the Olympic Oval. What are some of your ideas about economic development in our area?
  • Question 4: Can property owners close off their property to citizens or do we as citizens have the right of access through private property to public lands or water? This is always a touchy issue for legislators.

Election Season Is Here

As we get closer to November the more important campaigning becomes. If you have not seen me in your neighborhood yet, you will soon. I am continuing to walk our district. I serve three communities, West Valley, Taylorsville and Kearns, which include over 100,000 people. What an honor and privilege to represent you. If you would like to volunteer, put up a yard sign, help make phone calls, or donate to the campaign, please contact myself at karenmayne@gmail.com or at (801) 968-7756. You can also contact my intern Keegan at keegan.rank@gmail.com or (503) 580-3433.

Thank you so much for your support.