2015 Legislative Session – Week 2


If you have used Turbo Tax to file taxes, BEWARE! The Tax Commission has flagged 8,000 potential fraudulent filings. Until now, only 28 fraudulent filings have been identified in Utah. The only returns that have been flagged as being fraudulent have been found from Turbo Tax software only, not any other software program. Due to the security breach, filers may experience a delay in receiving their return. If you have been identified as someone who has been victimized, the Tax Commission will reach out to you individually via phone and/or letter.  You can visit their website here if you have more questions. (taxexpress.utah.gov).

Survey Update:

I started my survey at the beginning of the legislative session. This has been very helpful in understanding my constituents and has helped me represent them better. Do any of the answers surprise you?

  • Should we eliminate Day Light Savings Time?
    • 52%–Yes 40%–No 8%–Other
  • Should we eliminate the Zion Curtain?
    • 81%–Yes 12%–No 5%–Other
  • Do you support the selling of wine in grocery stores?
    • 63%–Yes 32%–No 3%–Other
  • Should we privatize the liquor industry in Utah by allowing any outlet to purchase from any private vendor?
    • 39%–Yes 52%–No 5%–Other
  • Do you favor the use of body cameras by police officers when interacting with the public?
    • 88%–Yes 5%–No 5%–Other
  • Should the State of Utah take full responsibility and ownership for our national public lands, including parks?
    • 22%–Yes 65%–No 9%–Other
  • Should a creation of a new national park have to be approved by the state legislature?
    • 44%–Yes 48%–No 5%–Other
  • Do you support greater access for possible energy development in our national parks and federal lands?
    • 52%–Yes 41%–No 5%–Other
  • Do you support the Governors Healthy Utah Plan?
    • 59%–Yes 20%–No 16%–Other
  • Would you support increased funding to hire more School Nurses?
    • 74%–Yes 15%–No 6%–Other
  • Most popular option for transportation funding: increase gas tax at the pump.
  • Most popular option for education funding: removing or capping the number of deductions from the state income tax.

Legislation Update:

Several of my bills have passed through their Senate Committee and now are waiting to be heard on the Senate floor and to be voted on. They include:

  • SB121 Sub. 1–Legislation to enhance safety on construction sites.
  • SB127–UDOT must carry out inspections on contract drivers, especially in the transportation of railroad engineers.
  • SB50–Requires that at least a two-man crew is present on freight trains passing through Utah.
  • SB135–Expand workers’ compensation for firefighters who contract diseases related their job.

***Along with my legislation, there have been many bills from my colleagues from both chambers and parties that are making their way through the process. Committees are holding meetings and votes are being taken. Democracy at it’s best!


Place: Eddie Mayne Senior Center

Saturday, February 14th

4851 W 4715 South

Kearns, UT

Time: 12:00-2:00

(Light Refreshments Will Be Served)


Place:  West Valley City Hall, Council Chamber

3600 Constitution Boulevard

West Valley City, UT

Time: 6:30-8:00

(Light Refreshments Will Be Served)



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