2015 Legislative Session – Week 3

Wow, what a great turnout at my town hall meeting last weekend! We had over 50 people at the Eddie Mayne Senior Center in Kearns. In addition, we also had many wonderful guests and elected officials that made appearances. It was a lively discussion on so many important subjects and it is reassuring to me, as a Senator, to see how much our community cares about issues that will be affecting them. Several great guests, including Salt Lake County Mayor McAdams, Salt Lake County Sheriff Winder, and Representatives Hutchings, joined me at the meeting and spoke to certain pieces of legislation and policies affecting my district. I appreciate all that they do for the state and their communities.

Town hall meeting in Kearns
Town hall meeting in Kearns

During the town hall meeting we discussed the relocation of the prison and the need to provide better rehabilitation and treatment for those that are incarcerated. This is a great opportunity to modernize our prison system and provide programs to better those who are incarcerated. I also discussed my piece of legislation that will encourage the state to make sure Utah workers are involved in the construction process. The Mayor and I discussed my township bill, which would protect the boundaries of our townships, including Kearns, and provide better services and governance in our communities. Thank you for your input and comments in my survey that you participated in. This helps me better serve you and represent our community.

County Mayor Ben McAdams speaking on new township legislation
County Mayor Ben McAdams speaking on new township legislation

If you were not able to make the town hall meeting this past Saturday, please join me Thursday night in West Valley City for another meeting. The details:


Place:  West Valley City Hall, Council Chamber

Thursday, February 19th

3600 Constitution Boulevard

West Valley City, UT

Time: 6:30-8:00

(Light Refreshments Will Be Served)

Guests will include:

  • Representative Eric Hutchings (District 38–Kearns)
  • West Valley City Mayor Ron Bigelow
  • West Valley City Police Chief Lee Russo
  • West Valley City Firefighters

We still have several weeks in the session and I appreciate your input and support during this busy time of year.