June 2015 Newsletter

The summer months bring festivals, vacations, and outdoor fun, but for the legislature it signals the beginning of interim meetings. Each year during the spring, summer, and fall, legislators meet at least one day per month in what is called interim study as members of interim committees. That means these committees will study agreed upon priority subjects. This is an important time of year as we prepare for the upcoming 2016 Legislative Session. My biggest hope is that this process will screen important topics and that this future legislation will have a full review before the session begins. So, saying that, the interim committees will play a very important and needed role. This year, I will be sitting on the Business and Labor, Economic Development and Workforce Services, Political Subdivisions, and Transportation Interim Committees.

As you probably have noticed, we’ve had no snow this winter and then we have had an abundance of the wet stuff this spring.  Wonderful for our lawns, but plays havoc with outside activities, but then, we fly into summertime temperatures. This up and down of our desert climate state shows the vital need for long range planning of one of our most precious resources…WATER! Water sustainability will be a big topic of concern in the next session.

Interim Committee Study Assignments

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment:

  • Underground water
  • Water pipelines
  • Pollution
  • Agriculture issues

Business and Labor:

  • S Supreme Court decision concerning licensing boards for our state
  • Discussion about buying cars directly from the manufacturers
  • I have two bills pending for study in this committee:
    • Railroad trains requiring a 40-mile per hour speed limit through Utah cities.
    • Driving regulations of businesses carrying 16 people and under

Economic Development and Workforce Services:

  • Air Quality
  • Utah’s Employment Situation


  • Steps to improve college graduation rates

Health and Human Services:

  • Legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes
  • Medicaid’s drug list review and our ever changing population needs


  • Expungement policies
  • Civil rights issues
  • Family law review

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice:

  • New felony enhancements and long-term planning for providing programs to rehabilitate inmates.
  • Can’t forget body cameras!

Political Subdivisions:

  • Insurance for lateral sewer lines
  • Development rights
  • Historic districts
  • Bonding
  • Good landlord program

Revenue and Taxation:

  • Corporate franchise and income tax factors, including tax credits review


  • Presentations from UDOT, UTA and the Drivers License Department

Public Utilities and Technology:

  • Carbon reduction
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine.

By serving in a leadership role for the Senate, I also sit on the Legislative Management and Oversight Committee. In this committee, we govern our two bodies (House and Senate) and set policy in how we will move forward as political entities.

For more information, pleas visit the legislature’s website at le.utah.gov.

News and Updates

I recently visited the Fort Douglas Museum. It was amazing to see the work and preservation being done there. The museum’s supporters made a presentation to our Veterans Commission that was educational and enlightening. Hopefully, there will be more parking and space to help enhance their facilities.

This past month I also took part of the Kearns’ Memorial Day ceremonies. It was great and moving. Kearns officially dedicated their new memorial on Cougar Lane. Taylorsville, West Valley City and Kearns all celebrated and honored our veterans with various activities throughout the weekend. We, as West Side residents, cherish and honor those who have protected and defended our country.

During May I also took part in a school nurse conference. I have long fought for funding for school nurses in the legislature. Speaking at their conference was an honor because school nurses are the backbone of our schools in helping keep kids healthy and in school.

With deep appreciation and thanks, the Utah Highway Patrol is graciously awarding me a ceremonial trooper’s hat. It is a gift for me to express their thanks for my support in the legislature. Really, in my eyes, it is my pleasure and duty to honor the Patrol that is continuously out there keeping our roads and highways safe.

During this graduation season, I was able to attend Hunter High’s Senior Banquet.  The Mike Fraser Scholarship is awarded to two students for outstanding performance during the year. It was great to see such wonderful students taking a step forward towards their future. Congratulations to all of those graduates and their families.

Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and, as always, contributing (for the entire Mayne Clan) a love donation.

Right now I am working on plans for Utah’s statewide Safety Week.  I have passed several pieces of legislation protecting workers and promoting a safer work place for all of Utah’s workers. So, with the support and help of many businesses and organizations, the third week of June is the kick off many activities supporting workplace safety. Governor Herbert will start the week for us with a speech at an active job site. “BE CAREFUL OUT THERE”

Also, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Elder Perry, who passed away this week. He was a wonderful church and community leader, a dynamic and passionate humanitarian, and someone who loved his home state. He will be well remembered for his good works.

West Side Calendar


  • The County is planning meetings to educate the voters on the November ballot for Kearns’ future township status.
  • Habitat for Humanity is preparing to start building at the old American League Park.
  • Plans are coming along to beautify the strip on 5400 South. I can’t wait for weeds to be GONE!

West Valley City

  • Visit the Utah Cultural Celebration Center! It will have several events this summer, including various concerts and the Utah Blues Festival!
  • West Fest Time! Come and have a great time, June 18th, at Centennial Park. Dancing and food and all the special events for summer time fun. Check out their website for more information.

Taylorsville City

  • Big Parade, lots of people, and entertainment. That’s what happening starting June 25. And be sure to bring your sunglasses for the giant fireworks extravaganza that night. For more info visit the Taylorsville Dayzz 2015 website.

From the Desk 

I have been working with a group of leaders, community members, and policy workers on how to improve the way we run our liquor stores to make them more efficient and better places of business. There are numerous employment and employee issues that are off the charts. Some employees are working for $9.00 an hour with 23 years of service. If we, as a state, are going to be in the liquor business, it should be ran with good retail and business practices. We need stronger enforcement of laws and more reasonable licensing policies in place. That being said, my two pieces of new legislation will deal with business practices and customer services. This will include a piece in how they deal with the training for employees. If the state doesn’t want to privatize their liquor stores, then let’s run them more effectively.

Thank you for your support. It is a privilege to serve my friends and neighbors.