July 2015 Newsletter

Administrative Rules

We have had important conversations about additional training for police officers to help make them better public servants, such as psychological evaluation before and after the hiring of new officers. We are hoping this will help enhance new officers and police agencies across the state. Recruitment for new officers is at crisis point as we are continuing to try to find qualified public safety employees throughout the state, which means we will need to revisit this issue. Every program we have considered is to encourage and attract officers, which are greatly needed. Creating a professional and clear occupational path is crucial.

Business and Labor

Several bail bond businesses made a presentation on how judges set bail and how the bail is sometimes different if the client doesn’t use the services of a bail bond company. Watch this legislation, it will be interesting to see why judges can set two different amounts for bail and what that means for those are arrested.

Commission Stewardship of Public Lands

Remember the San Juan County Commissioner that led the demonstration for public land sovereignty? Well, he sought financial help with possible legal fees, but in the end, private donations were offered. The committee was supportive of the commissioner and approved consulting services to study issues. I had lots of emails about this and it will be interesting to see how this will play out in the courts.

Economic Development

There was much discussion about low income housing around mass transit stations, but my question is, if they are not well managed, could slums prevail? What do you think?

Government Operations

We talked about the possibility of using a plurality election system, which is when a candidate receives the most number of votes in an election without receiving a majority of the votes cast. Food for thought, should we apply preferential voting or political party choice?


Question: Should an individual be able to apply for his own expungement or should the disciplinary action be removed by the agency involved with the crime? My take is that you can already do many legal procedures by yourself. Why not allow for the “rub the slate clean” procedure?

Health and Human Services

Medicaid Expansion is in discussion again after the recent Supreme Court ruling. People are hurting all across our state. We need Healthy Utah or a new workable health plan soon that will benefit the largest amount of our citizens.

What’s Going on in the District?



Work on the American League Field will begin soon. Habitat for Humanity held a BBQ for the surrounding neighbors to show off the plans for the new housing project, it will be a beautiful addition when it is done. Meetings are also being held in Kearns to explain how the upcoming vote for the status of the Kearns Township will affect Kearns. Please visit the SLC website and Kearns Town Council website for more information and dates of community meetings.

Work in Kearns to improve old American Legion Field
Work in Kearns to improve old American Legion Field


Celebrating was happening everywhere in the middle of the valley! Taylorsville Dayza had music, food, and a dandy parade. Fireworks lite up the sky and the entertainment was great. Lions club served a yummy community breakfast.

Tville Parade

West Valley City

West Fest, as always, was full of booths, fun and a carnival rides for all ages. The festival gets bigger and better every year. There is so much talent in West Valley and West Fest is a great show case for these local performers. Check out all the growth on the 2100 South corridor. Breakfast served with the West Shire Neighborhood Bunch!

From My Desk

As a community, maybe it’s time to start a conversation about the minimum wage. Currently, it is $7.25 an hour. Many cities are adopting or considering changes to the minimum wage standard across the country and locally. My concerns arise from data shown to me about the financial problems many of my constituents face and how an increase of any kind could benefit our community. Food for thought and conversation for debate.

In the last legislative session, the communities were given the opportunity to impose a local tax for their local transportation needs. Mayors across the state have signed on to a resolution encouraging a vote in the communities. Your local governmental leaders will inform you as the legislative steps are taken, but your voices will be heard in the process.


Thank You,