September 2015 Newsletter

Interim Committee Presentations:

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment:

  • Beekeepers will have restrictions and regulation by political subdivisions.  We have several beekeepers in our neighborhoods.  Will keep eye on the issue.

Political Subdivisions:

  • Legislation wants to amend our Good Landlord Program.  District 5 has two cities and one township within its borders. All have some kind of Good Landlord Program.  All have ownership of their different programs.  I will watch the progress and process to see it fits with our needs.

Business and Labor:

  • Transporting Work Crews: I authored this legislation to require a driver transporting people of 15 or fewer passengers to have a driver’s license and taxi endorsement. People deserve to be in a safe environment while being transported.
  • Our committee repealed the sunset on the Worker Classification Coordinating Enforcement Council. I drafted and passed this piece.  It provides the ability of state departments to communicate with each other to track business and employee abuse.  Many states have copied our model.

Commission on Public Lands:

  • Congressman Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative: It calls for state involvement with any decision of designating certain lands in Utah.  This is important to us, because we enjoy outdoor activities and closing lands limits are accessibility.

Economic Development and Workforce Services:

  • Conversation was about housing around transit hubs.  West Valley has high dense housing around there station and it is appropriate and attractive.  Legislation, I believe, will pass to make sure all stations will build and maintain appropriate housing.


  • Guardian of Disabled Adults was the topic.  This is long over-do legislation.  When a disabled child reaches adulthood the rules of guardianship changes and is a hardship for them.

Government Operations:

  • A new method of choosing school board members, by redrawing board districts was discussed. Very important decision! The State School Board drives the direction of all education in our state.

What’s Going on in the District?


Opening of the beautiful Bruce Field.  Soccer fields, play grounds and lots of running room.  Thank you SLC for taking care of our Kearns Township.  Fire, Water and Ice Festival was a blast for Hometown Days.

Salt Lake County working for Kearns Residents

Opening of Bruce Field in Kearns

All smiles at the Kearns Wind Ice and Fire Festival

All smiles at the Kearns Fire, Water and Ice Festival


Besides all the building, growth and planning, the city is offering lots for September.  Emergency Planning classes and don’t forget Tombstone Tales for live drama.  Check out the Taylorsville website for information.

Taylorsville emergency equipment

New 24-hour ER clinic in Taylorsville

West Valley City

WVC is the new home for a SLCC campus; it is located on 5600 west.  Salt Lake Community College is a great fit for the 2nd biggest city.  It will draw students from all over the Westside. Big plans for road construction on 4100 South.

New Salt Lake Community College Campus

West Valley City Firefighters

From My Desk

In November, the President of the Senate asked me to serve on the Prison Relocation Commission.  I told the President I would serve with my main concern for the employees and the ability of implementing new and effective programs.  The legislature had already voted to move towards the relocation.  The Governor could have proceeded without public involvement, but made the process transparent.  I visited all potential sites.  Reviewed all studies, information, and had conversation with all involved. It was evident the crumbling buildings needed to go and many buildings in patch work was ineffective at best.   The Draper site couldn’t fit the new designs and it was not conductive for modern prison technology.  The designs we are working with will have no towers, low fences and only 3 stories high.  High tech methods will replace the eyes of guards.  The committee voted independently.  My vote for SL was a vote for the best possible location.  SL will be close for volunteers, medical, legal agencies, but sits on remote property.  It is zoned business and no residential homes ever are in the mix.

I passed legislation last session and voted unanimous in (both houses); the “PRISON WILL BE BUILT WITH UTAH WORKERS AND UTAH COMPANIES!”  It’s completely financed with our tax dollars, Utahns deserve to construct it!  I will serve on the committee though completion…3 years.  The decision is made, my job is to guide the construction of the biggest building ever built in Utah.

In friendship,


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