October 2015 Newsletter


A legislative road trip to Southern Utah was authorized in our Leadership meeting.  It is a way for all legislators to experience and understand the needs of all the counties in our state.  Coming from a highly populated area with all that it brings to a sparsely populated scenario is a jump.

Issues for Southern Utah:  high unemployment, mines shutting down, lack of business, low population of workers, water usage problems, and tourism for the area.


Administrative Rules: Appropriate student school absences were discussed, and charter school application processes were top on the agenda.

Business and Labor: Representative Oda discussed a new fix for the alcohol beverage permits.  If we had a realistic approach for our alcohol retail stores, these patchwork fixes would not be needed. I presented a bill from the OSHA advisory council, which protects employees from retaliation*.  It was adopted as a committee bill.

Child Welfare Panel: These are tough issues to look at—suicide in welfare families, foster care needs, and psychotropic medications for at-risk children.  This committee has a heavy lift.

Education: All-day kindergarten is the hot topic.  There are various ideas about funding, but the energy this year is to make it happen.  Always the discussion…too much testing!

Health and Human Services: Medical Marijuana is always a lively conversation.  Bariatric surgery—should the state insurance pay for the procedure?

Judiciary:  Controversial and difficult issues—death penalty and guardianship of disabled adults.

Law Enforcement: Use of excessive force of police officers. College credit for safety officers who complete POST Requirements*.  This legislation was brought to me by the law enforcement community to advance their education process.

Occupational and Professional Licensure:  I sit on this committee and I am watchful of legislation coming to change our license panels and procedures.  If it does and/or can do harm to people, there should be licensing protocol.

Political Subdivisions: Provide disclosure from sanitary sewer facilities to property owners of their responsibilities of lateral sewer lines*.

Transportation:  Electronic driver licenses and other new devices will be addressed in the next session in legislation. Rep Barlow and I will carry legislation on unconventional vehicle*.

*Current legislation I am proposing for the next session.

For more information on all committees use Utah State Legislature’s website at: le.utah.gov

What’s Going on in the District?


SLC steering committees are meeting to plan development of a new library and exciting projects by the Oval. Got to catch the Bridging Ceremony of Girl Scouts at St. Francis….Girl Power!


Bridging Ceremony Girl Scouts Troop 177 St Francis Church.


Kearns Elementary School’s Healthy Living assembly.


“Nonsense” a musical comedy is playing at Taylorsville Senior Center, December 2-5, 2015.

The Veterans Day Program on November 11, at 11:00 am, will feature a parade and annual ceremony to honor our Veterans at Taylorsville City Hall.


Veterans Day Program

West Valley City

Trees of Diversity Exhibit at the Cultural Center November 19 to December 30. The Veterans Day celebration in WVC will be starting at 5:30 pm in the Cultural Center.


Granger Elementary community partners coming together to improve education.

From My Desk

The dust has settled and the prison has a home.  Salt Lake City has announced a universal plan for business and open spaces for the site.  Surrounding communities are planning for the business growth to accommodate the investment of the prison. The bonding for the prison will be neutral, with bonds that are being paid off now.  With change comes change and the vantages are countless.

The Health Insurance Plan for Utah has been revisited and churned many times. We still need to find a solution for our frail population. My questions to you are:

1. Is it understandable to have one body of government determine the outcome of Health Care in Utah, or does it need to be revisited?

2. All kinds of opinions and solutions are out there—Single Payer, end the Affordable Health Care Act all together, a universal 1/16 sales tax to insure all Utahns.  What are your thoughts?

3. Just interested…who’s coming out of the political debates and heading to the goal line?

In the News

Did you catch KUTV’s spotlight on Women in Trades? “Women in Trades” is an organization that recognizes non traditional occupations for women, such as electricians, plumbers, troopers, fire fighters etc. You can watch the story and my interview here:

This upcoming session I am proposing a bill to streamline the process for firefighters and police officers to advance their education. To read more about my bill or listen to my interview click here:

  •  http://fox13now.com/2015/10/21/proposed-bill-would-streamline-college-credit-process-for-police-and-firefighter-certification-in-utah/

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