Legislative Session Week 3

Committees That I am sitting on this session

  • Rules
  • Business and Labor
  • Economic Development and Workforce Service
  • Ethics
  • Transportation, Public Utilities and Technology
  • Retirement and Independent Entities
  • Executive Appropriations
  • Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee

Progress On My Bills

SB 57: This piece of legislation provides the means necessary for a feasibility study to determine whether or not the postal service could be utilized in the case of an emergency. The bill has passed the Senate and is currently in the House. I will be presenting this bill in a house standing committee next week.

SB 42: This bill deals with court room recordings. It mandates that court rooms need to notify those present that they are being recorded. SB42 has passed the Senate and will be in the House Judiciary and Law Enforcement standing committee next week.

SB 150: I will be presenting this bill in the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions standing committee next week. The bill will help to modify provisions dealing with metro townships.

SB 138: Next Tuesday I will be presenting this bill in the Senate Business and Labor committee. The bill will address issues relating to insurance coverage and emergency care. The law will keep health insurance companies accountable to the law by allowing a commissioner to impose fines on them if they neglect to pay for emergency care.

SB 12: My crew bill has passed the Senate and House and awaits the Governor’s signature to become law. This bill increases worker safety by requiring drivers for working crews to have at least a taxi endorsement. The bill does not affect ride sharing companies like Uber or Lyft.

SB34: This bill has now passed both the House and Senate. In this piece of legislation, the bill requires sewage management companies to inform home owners that they are responsible for the lateral pipe line from their house that connects to the main sewage line. Many homeowners are unaware of this responsibility and if it breaks the repairs can be very expensive. Insurance for sewage laterals exist and there are multiple insurance providers.

Meet My Intern For The Session Ethan Rank

778e4538-31a6-4deb-b6ca-8b0126c84d64.jpgEthan is a student at BYU and will be graduating this year with a degree in Political Science. He is from Salem Oregon. I have known him for a couple of years and his brother worked for me three years ago. I am glad and excited to have him working with me.



A Nice Article About My Postal Worker Bill
SB57 www.sltrib.com

Questions to my constituents:
Please help me, by letting me know how you feel about these issues currently being discussed on the hill.

  • Do you support capital punishment?
  • Do you support the right to die? Should people have the option to select physician assisted suicide if they are terminally ill?
  • Are you in favor of legalizing Medical Marijuana?


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