2016 Legislative Session Week 4

Committees That I am sitting on this session

  • Rules
  • Business and Labor
  • Economic Development and Workforce Service
  • Ethics
  • Transportation, Public Utilities and Technology
  • Retirement and Independent Entities
  • Executive Appropriations
  • Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee

Progress On My Bills

SB 57: The bill passed through the House Law Enforcement Committee this week. I am excited to see where this bill will go and thankful for the help I have gotten from Congressman Chaffetz so that we can make our postal workers more universal.

SB 42: Currently this bill dealing with court room recordings is in the house awaiting a floor vote.

SB 150: My metro township bill passed through the Senate Government Operations Committee this week.

SB 138: Glad that my emergency room care bill was approved by the Senate Business and Labor committee. This bill will do much to protect those who get injured while being far away from their primary hospital. It requires that in an emergency insurance companies are required to cover their patients regardless of the hospital, and if they do not comply are subject to pay a fine.

SB 12: My crew bill has passed the Senate and House and awaits the Governor’s signature to become law. This bill increases worker safety by requiring drivers for working crews to have at least a taxi endorsement. The bill does not affect ride sharing companies like Uber or Lyft.

To follow these bills go here

Education is paramount for our kids and SB45 does nothing to help them
KSL has a good video and article discussing the issue here.

Medical Marijuana
From my survey I found that many from our district support the legalization of medical marijuana. This follows the opinion of the majority of Utah’s citizens. The issue is complex and has points that deserve further attention or consideration. However, it is clear that as a whole, many in our district and the state believe those who wish to use medicinal marijuana should have access to the drug. I support moving forward with the people of Utah to provide the option of medical marijuana.

Teacher, Firefighter, and Public Safety Officer Shortage
Utah is currently facing a shortage of workers for some very important occupations. I am sponsoring the bill SB 36, which will help those in retirement come back to work. This will be crucial in helping to alleviate the need for these extremely important jobs.

Statistics that demonstrate the need for more workers and our current shortage problem:

  • Utah is 415 firefighters below the statewide need in order to be in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency code 1710.
  • Utah is lacking over 200 public safety officer positions statewide. (30% off the Wasatch front)
  • There are over 1,000 teaching positions being filled by non-certified people (Interns or College Graduate working towards their Alternative Route to Licensure).

My bills dealing with DABC reform are going to be dealt with in the interim, you can read about it here.


Questions to my constituents:
Please help me, by letting me know how you feel about these issues currently being discussed on the hill.

  • Should we print new RSL special license plates?
  • Are you in favor of anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT groups along with ethnic, or religious groups?