2016 Legislative Session Week 5

Committees That I am sitting on this session

  • Rules
  • Business and Labor
  • Economic Development and Workforce Service
  • Ethics
  • Transportation, Public Utilities and Technology
  • Retirement and Independent Entities
  • Executive Appropriations
  • Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee

Progress On My Bills

SB 150 Metro Township bill: I will be presenting this bill on the floor of the senate this week.

SB 138 Emergency Room Coverage: I am in the process of presenting this bill on the Senate floor. This bill will do much to protect those who get injured while being far away from their primary hospital. It requires that in an emergency, insurance companies are required to cover their patients regardless of the hospital, and if they do not comply are subject to pay a fine.

So far, eight of my bills have passed both the Senate and House, and await the governor’s signature to become law. They are:

SB 12 Passenger Carrier Requirements: This bill increases safety regulations for certain passenger moving crews.

SB 33 Occupational and Safety Health Amendments: The amendments in this bill help protect workers from retaliation under certain circumstances.

SB 34 Sewer Lateral Disclosures: This bill requires sanitary sewer facilities to disclose liability for the repair or replacement of a sewer lateral.

SB 42 Public Notice of Court Room Recording: With this bill courts will be required to let those in attendance know they are being recorded.

SB 57 Public Safety Emergency Management Amendments: This bill will let the department of safety perform a feasibility study to see whether or not postal workers can be utilized in the case of a state or national disaster.

SB 76 Workers Compensation For Volunteers: This bill will allow organizations to provide workers compensation for their volunteers if they desire.

SB 127 Labor Commission Amendments: The bill modifies provisions related to payments of workers compensation benefits.

SJR 10 Joint Resolution On Education For Law Enforcement Professionals: This joint resolution of the Legislature urges Utah’s law enforcement professionals toengage in continuing education and training activities to continually update their work skills and professionalism.

Medical Marijuana
From my survey I found that many from our district support the legalization of medical marijuana. This follows the opinion of the majority of Utah’s citizens. Senator Madsen’s medical cannabis bill passed the Senate this week. I think this is good for Utah and our legislature that we let the House have a chance to debate this issue.


Thank you to our Firefighters and Fire Caucus for recognizing me as legislator of the year along with Rep. Paul Ray.

Questions to my constituents
Please help me, by letting me know how you feel about these issues currently being discussed on the hill.

  • Should the government subsidize after school programs?
  • Do you think the legislature should be auditing the University of Utah’s athletics?
  • Is the cost to taxpayers and the families of victims, worth still supporting the death penalty?