Final Week of 2016 Legislative Session

Senator Karen Mayne Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter

Legislative Session Week 7

The Session Is Over!!!

Committees That I am sitting on this session

  • Rules
  • Business and Labor
  • Economic Development and Workforce Service
  • Ethics
  • Transportation, Public Utilities and Technology
  • Retirement and Independent Entities
  • Executive Appropriations
  • Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee

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My Bills This Session

Total Bills: 17
Bills Passed: 14

SB 12 Passenger Carrier Requirements:  This bill increases safety regulations for certain passenger moving crews. It does not affect Uber or Lyft.

SB 33 Occupational and Safety Health Amendments: The amendments in this bill help protect workers from retaliation under certain circumstances. The law will protect workers from wrongful discrimination.

SB 34 Sewer Lateral Disclosures: This bill requires sanitary sewer facilities to disclose liability for the repair or replacement of a sewer lateral. It will inform homeowners about the costs of managing their sewer lateral and how they can best take care of it.

SB 42 Public Notice of Court Room Recording: With this bill courts will be required to let those in attendance know they are being recorded.

SB 47 College Credit for Public Safety Officers: This bill would require  colleges to offer credit for public safety officers who have completed basic training courses. With cooperation from the board of regents they have implemented this policy on their own.

SB 57 Public Safety Emergency Management Amendments: This bill will let the department of safety perform a feasibility study to see whether or not postal workers can be utilized in the case of a state or national disaster. Next year we will be given a report from the departments of safety on whether or not it is feasible to utilize postal workers.

SB 76 Workers Compensation For Volunteers: This bill will allow organizations to provide workers compensation for their volunteers if they desire. The bill does not require entities to to purchase workers compensation.

SB 83 & SB 84: These are my bills that deal with the DABC. They are going to interim where I will continue to work on them. It is important that we have an honest business with just practices when it comes to running our liquor stores.

SB 123 Office of Licensing Amendments: This piece of legislation will increase transparency for local governments by allowing them the option to be notified when new human service programs are licensed within their jurisdiction. The law will give greater oversight to city and county governments.

SB 127 Labor Commission Amendments: This bill modifies provisions related to payments of workers compensation benefits.

SB 138 Emergency Room Coverage:  This bill will implement laws that protect those who get injured and need to seek treatment in a out of network hospital. In a health emergency insurance companies will be required to cover their patients regardless of the hospital, and if they do not comply with the law they will be subject to receiving a fine.

SB 150 Metro Township bill: With this bill the law will be clearer on what metro townships are and how they function within the Utah Code.

SB 190 Open and Public Meetings Law Revisions: This bill cleans up the language and makes technical changes to the Open and Public Meetings Act.

SB 197 Resale of Procurement Item Amendments: This bill puts into law some regulations that will promote good business and an even playing field for machinery resale purchasers.

SB 216 Workers Compensation Related Amendments: With this bill the law will permit workers compensation and self insurers to negotiate certain rates with hospitals. The remaining fees not covered by those entities cannot be charged to the patient.

SJR 10 Joint Resolution On Education For Law Enforcement Professionals: This joint resolution of the Legislature urges Utah’s law enforcement professionals to engage in continuing education and training activities to continually update their work skills and professionalism.

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Questions to my constituents:

The session is over! Thank you for responding to my emails and answering my questions. These are the bills that are related to the questions I asked at the end of my newsletter over the course of the session. I value your opinions and I followed your counsel when deciding how to vote on these important issues.

SB 73 Medical Marijuana (yea)

SB 107 Hate Crime Amendments (yea)

SB 189 Rescind Death Penalty (nay)

SB 77  Medicaid Expansion (yea)

HB 221 Immunization of Students (yea)

SB 246 California Coal Port (nay)

Intern Moment:

I want to take this moment to thank Senator Mayne. Working with her this session has been an amazing experience. She gives everything she has to take care of those in her district. As a legislator she only sponsors good practical legislation. Her constituents are lucky to have someone so invested in their needs and someone who loves what she does. She is an exceptional Senator and has the respect of many up on the hill. Those who know her love her attitude and strong work ethic. In 45 days I have never worked so hard, or laughed as much, than during this session while working with Senator Mayne.

Thank You Senator Mayne,


Money coming back to the district

Every session, I make an application for the appropriation of funds for our Senate 5 District.  I rotate which funds we get based on needs in the District, last year I was given funding for a fence for the neighbors surrounding the Community College.  On the plate this year is funding for sidewalks for Tess Ave in West Valley City and on going funding for the Kearns Achievement Pageant.  Being in leadership in the Senate gives me a voice for our needs.  Happy to say, the appropriations for our district are in the budget!!  Also, my request for funding of $15,000 for Honor Flight was approved.  Our Veterans are our Hero’s and we always need to support and respect their service


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