June/July 2017 Newsletter: Interim

In our committees, we focused on appropriations and economic outlook for the upcoming year.

Some Topics of Interest During our Meetings:

1. Electric Roadways: USU is testing a 20-passenger bus with autonomous control and in-motion inductive wireless battery charging. https://le.utah.gov/interim/2017/pdf/00003177.pdf

  1. Budget Discussion for Snow Plow Drivers


  1. Fire Suppression on Federal Lands


  1. Budget Discussion on School Technology Programs


  1. Budget Discussion on Intergenerational Poverty Interventions


You can always listen and follow along during our interim meetings by going to our legislative website!

I am honored to receive the Workplace Safety Award from the AFL-CIO .  My partners WCF and Labor Commission also were honored. All working together for a safe work environment.

As a member of the Airport Authority Board, touring the explosion of construction…..jobs, jobs for Utahns. That’s my goal!

Honoring firefighters!! So appreciative to be the Fire Caucus Leader in the Senate.

What’s Happening in the District?


Kearns Council Community Get Together! It was a packed crowd enjoying rock climbing, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a beautiful summer evening. Thanks for all the volunteers and helpers who made it possible. 


Taylorsville Parade! I love parades. I still don’t have the parade wave down, but I’m trying! Thank you to all those who sat in the hot sun to greet us. I love being in my community.

West Valley City:

Our Neighborhood Night Out Get-Together.  Really, good turn-out.  Neighbors helping neighbors, it works!!!

Scholarship Program:

Partnering with Workers Compensation Fund of Utah and the AFL-CIO, I have been able to bring lucrative scholarships to my local high schools. In the last 6 years, thousands of dollars have been directed to my students in West Valley, Kearns, Taylorsville. They have written essays on safety in the workplace and safe practices in everyday life. It is never too early to teach the importance of a safe community and a safe workplace. The emotional, financial, and physical damage done to the worker and family members, are a forever change. So, the path is to educate our youth of the value of safe choices. This year we were able to award six scholarships. Kearns, Granger, and Hunter, were the winning essays, each were given $750.00 a piece.  At the awards ceremony, a mother of one of the Kearns winners, hugged and thanked me. No, I thanked her for encouraging and supporting our future leaders. It is our job to nurture our future.

Pictured above: Granger Safety Scholarship Winner

Pictured above: Hunter Safety Scholarship Winner

Pictured above: Kearns Safety Scholarship Winner

New Constituent Survey:

Thank you for your participation in my surveys! Please take my new survey by clicking the link below:


Past Survey Results:

  1. The Homeless issue was in the “headlights” of Salt Lake County. West Valley was considered as a potential site for a Resource Center.

A) Do you feel West Valley City has been a partner in the handling of the homeless issue?

Yes 46%, No 54%

B) Do you agree with the selection (South Salt Lake) for the new Resource Center?

Agree 61%, Disagree 39%

C) Do you feel Salt Lake County/Salt Lake City/Utah State Government has been efficient in the planning and operation of relocating our homeless population?

Yes 12%, No 88%

2. KEARNS RESIDENTS: Are you satisfied with your local code enforcement?

Yes 78%, No 22%

3. WEST VALLEY CITY RESIDENTS: Are you satisfied with your local code enforcement?

Yes 57%, No 43%

4. TAYLORSVILLE RESIDENTS: Are you satisfied with your local code enforcement?

Yes 60%, No 40%

Thank you so much for your feedback and comments. They help me more than you know!

From My Desk:

In 2014, I passed SB36, Voter Information Amendments, to protect our voter names and personal voter information from outside venters. They would purchase the information and place that information on their website. My bill passed and protections are now in place.  Saying that, the current administration has seen fit to ask for information from voters, under the guise of voter fraud. No state to my knowledge, has had an issue with the last presidential cycle. Utah has repeated, “our election was conducted without any problems”. The Lt. Governor’s office has complied with the order; hence my new legislation was filed. I will revisit the problem of privacy for the voters and assumed transparency for Utahns.  We used to take pride in our high percentage of voting citizens, now our state has a dismal record.  Trust in the voter pool needs to be guarded and Utahns need to have comfort in the state’s effort to protect information. In passing the first protection legislation, I met stiff push-back.  But, the journey needs to start again, to be as safe and secure with your trusted information.

Thinking out loud…

Sitting in Leadership Committee, we were given an update of the “state of the economy”. Our trusted and skilled economic analysts laid out the business direction for our state. We are touted as business friendly! Highly skilled! Highly educated! And a Dynamite work ethic!! Perfect! Then, they said, we are known for low wages??? Low wages shouldn’t be a calling card for businesses. Our state is the “business state” to be located in, but business shouldn’t lower wages to settle here. Competitive wages, living wages, appropriate compensation for workers, is a just way of doing business. A day’s work for a day’s pay. Utah’s business atmosphere should expect wages comparable with other states! We deserve it!

Thank you,