Final Update on My 2022 Legislation

Despite the unique circumstances for me this session, my important legislation managed to pass through both chambers. I am appreciative of my colleagues who helped support my legislation on the floor! You can find summaries of my legislation and their final updates below:

  • SB 23 Acupuncturist Liability Amendments: This bill adds licensed acupuncturists to those health care professionals who have limited immunity providing volunteer services and also adds licensed acupuncturists to the definition of a health care practitioner. It will alleviate some of the fears of acupuncturists to volunteer during catastrophes.
    • ✔ PASSED  through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 60 Agreements to Provide State Services Sunset Extension: Extends the sunset date of a bill I passed in 2017, which allows US Postal Offices to enter into an agreement with a state agency to provide certain state services, such as hunting licenses. Through this bill, both rural post offices and state agencies will benefit, though we are still waiting for federal legislation to allow this bill to be enacted.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 123 Criminal Code Evaluation Task Force Sunset Extension: This legislation extends the Criminal Code Evaluation Task Force until April 2025. I am co-chair of this task force, as I created it through legislation in a prior session. The task force reviews the Utah criminal code to ensure the proper classification of crimes by degree, and for a standardized format of criminal statutes.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 124 Criminal Code Recodification Cross References: Another necessary piece of legislation relating to our work updating Utah’s criminal code. 
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 137 Property Decontamination Amendments: After a property has been contaminated by methamphetamines, local health departments are legally required to close the property to entry until it has been decontaminated. However, constituents in this district have reported concern over a lack of follow-up and regulation once a health department placard has been placed on a property’s door. This bill aims to strengthen a local authority’s ability to enforce property closures.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 213 Business Name Prohibitions: This legislation bans the use of “911” in a new business’ name. Businesses that use “911” in their name risk deceiving people who are trying to contact emergency medical services. This important legislation will remove any possible confusion, ensuring that when an individual is in need of emergency support, they go to the right place.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 215 Railroad Crossing Modifications: This bill requires an individual to stop, look, and listen for other on-track equipment in the same manner that they would for trains when at a railroad crossing. It is a minor change will increase public safety.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature
  • SB 258 Rocky Mountain Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Amendments: This bill will increase funding to the undergraduate programs at the Rocky Mountain Center for Environmental and Occupational Health.
    • ✔ PASSED through both chambers and awaiting the governor’s signature

I am appreciative of my colleagues who helped support my legislation on the floor! Further selected legislative highlights from our Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel can be found here.

My Requests for Appropriation

  • Ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Training: These funds will support SB 172 (2021) at Weber State and the University of Utah with faculty and staff who are part of the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health to expand occupational safety and health training into additional disciplines needed in the State of Utah, including undergraduate safety training, Occupational Health Nursing, and developing programs across the two universities.
    • $2 million funded ongoing!
  • SLCC Veteran Business Resource Center: The Veteran Business Resource Center (VBRC), currently funded by Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA), is housed at the Miller Campus at Salt Lake Community College. The mission of the VBRC is to be the primary business resource for all Utah veterans, active-duty military, reserve, guard, and their spouses (veterans) who are starting or growing small businesses statewide. It accomplishes this mission through one-on-one business counseling, workshops & courses and was originally funded as a trial, one-person operation to gauge demand in 2017. This request will support additional staff to increase the number of veterans entrepreneurs served, veteran business capital raised, and veteran ran business revenue growth by 20% annually.
    • $200,000 funded ongoing!
  • Title I Schools Paraeducators Program ($250,000 funded one-time!): This funding will support the Title I Schools Paraeducators Program, which was created during the 2012 General Session through SB 81 to allow Title I schools to hire paraeducators to assist classroom educators in teaching.
    • $250,000 funded one-time!
  • Health Facility Licensing ($180,000 funded ongoing!): This funding request will support three new investigators/inspectors in the Bureau of Health Facility Licensing, Certification, and Resident Assessment.
    • $180,000 funded ongoing! 
  • Kearns 4015 West Bridge Structure Replacement ($2,000,000 funded ongoing!): The Kearns Metro Township is requesting funding to replace Salt Lake Canal Bridge on 4000 West. This structure was originally scoped to be part of the 4700 South Reconstruction project, but due to funding was removed from the project. The 4700 S Reconstruction project between 5600 W to 4000 W is one of regional significance to the cities of Kearns, West Valley, Magna, and Taylorsville as an arterial roadway connecting communities east to west. This project is also on the regional transportation plan. The replacement of structure is safety driven and will also improve public safety along this corridor to include a bike lane in each direction.
    • $2,000,000 funded one-time!

Executive Appropriations and Budget

This week, the Executive Appropriations Committee (EAC) approved final budget recommendations this week, which were subsequently approved in our “bill of bills” containing funding measures. The budget this year totaled over $25 billion, making it our largest budget ever! Money was allocated to many important issues, including preservation efforts for the Great Salt Lake and water conservation, public education, transit, affordable housing, and more. You can view the bill of bills here.

End of Session Photos

With my awesome intern, David Clove. Thank you for all your hard work, David!
Women of the Senate celebrating International Women’s Month (Sad I was not able to make it in person!)
Glad to get some time to work in my office!
Virtually participating in a vote from the Senate floor
Taylorsville Mayor Kristie Overson providing an invocation on the Senate floor
Rallying in support of Ukraine on the Capitol South Steps
At the Utah Democratic Party Gala