Spring 2022

Spring has officially sprung! I am immensely grateful for the warmer weather we’ve been having to experience our beautiful state outside. I hope you are taking the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

The 2022 General Legislative Session officially ended in March, and I am proud of the work we accomplished during this time. Together, we managed to secure $2.38 million in ongoing funding and $2.25 million in one-time funds for projects and development across the west side. Additionally, we passed important legislation which you can read about in my previous newsletter

We have managed to stay busy post-session, as we held a special session the 2nd week of March and are soon to head into our first interim meetings of the year. I am excited to share with you many of the ideas for legislation I have and issues I am focused on in the coming weeks and also look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. 

The west side is a special community and it is a great honor to represent each and every one of you in the Senate.

Sincerely, Karen

Interim Schedule

Despite only having a 45-day general legislative session, legislators still conduct important work year-round. Much of this work is done on interim days, which typically happen twice a month. Here, interim committees of both Senators and Representatives meet to study key issues prioritized by committee chairs. Ultimately, the final interim schedule and study items are approved by the Legislative Management Committee, on which I sit. Our first interim meetings this year will take place on May 17th and 18th. You can view the full interim schedule via our legislative calendar online, or through this pdf here. The list of adopted study items by committees can be found here. As interim meetings take place, you can find highlights compiled by our Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel here, as well as highlights from previous interim sessions.

Interim Schedule