2018 Newsletter: Week Four

We had a great meeting last Friday at the Town Hall with Representative Hutchings, and this last Thursday along side Mayor Ben Mcadams. Thank you for staying informed and involved with our local issues. Please take my survey to let me know your stance on different issues we are currently facing. Click this link forContinue reading “2018 Newsletter: Week Four”

2018 Newsletter: Week Two

We’ve hit the end of week two and my bills are moving fast. I currently have eight bills awaiting discussion on the Senate floor while three are going to be debated in the House next week. These are my bill that have already been passed through the Senate. SB 14: Industrial Accident Restricted Account SunsetContinue reading “2018 Newsletter: Week Two”

2018 Newsletter: Week One

Session Has Begun!!! Bills I am working on: SB 14: Industrial Accident Restricted Account Sunset This bill modifies provisions relating to the Industrial Accident Restricted Account. SB 21: Public Safety and Firefighters Retirement Death Benefits Provides equity in retirement payments to surviving spouses. SB 30: Aggravated Murder Amendments Adds security guards, search and rescue personal, and ambulance employees to the listContinue reading “2018 Newsletter: Week One”