2015 Legislative Session – Week 2

ALERT! If you have used Turbo Tax to file taxes, BEWARE! The Tax Commission has flagged 8,000 potential fraudulent filings. Until now, only 28 fraudulent filings have been identified in Utah. The only returns that have been flagged as being fraudulent have been found from Turbo Tax software only, not any other software program. Due to theContinue reading “2015 Legislative Session – Week 2”

2015 Legislative Session – Week 1

Week one and we are already in full gear. During this week, every Appropriation Committee is meeting. In these committees, various councils and departments are presenting their budget and needs for the next fiscal year. Several challenges that we have faced are finding ways to fund the State Fair Grounds as well as meeting the multipleContinue reading “2015 Legislative Session – Week 1”