July 2015 Newsletter

Administrative Rules We have had important conversations about additional training for police officers to help make them better public servants, such as psychological evaluation before and after the hiring of new officers. We are hoping this will help enhance new officers and police agencies across the state. Recruitment for new officers is at crisis pointContinue reading “July 2015 Newsletter”

June 2015 Newsletter

The summer months bring festivals, vacations, and outdoor fun, but for the legislature it signals the beginning of interim meetings. Each year during the spring, summer, and fall, legislators meet at least one day per month in what is called interim study as members of interim committees. That means these committees will study agreed uponContinue reading “June 2015 Newsletter”

2015 Legislative Session – Wrap Up

From the desk of Senator Karen Mayne, District #5 Busy, groundbreaking, and left unfinished, these are the victories and challenges we faced as legislators this past session.¬†We were busy with the largest amount of legislation that we have ever had, hearing hundreds of bills. We tackled several groundbreaking issues that have brought Utah national attention.Continue reading “2015 Legislative Session – Wrap Up”

2015 Legislative Session – Week 3

Wow, what a great turnout at my town hall meeting last weekend! We had over 50 people at the Eddie Mayne Senior Center in Kearns. In addition, we also had many wonderful guests and elected officials that made appearances. It was a lively discussion on so many important subjects and it is reassuring to me,Continue reading “2015 Legislative Session – Week 3”